Today’s Art determines tomorrow’s history

Although the subject of painting and creating had been an interest of mine during childhood and throughout my youth, I guess my landmark moment was the Documenta in 1972 which was the decisive calling to pursue my life as a Painter. It was those works by the Pop Artists and the Hyperrealists at that time which inspired me greatly and enabled me to visualise the combination of my passions and made my life rock.

I have experimented with various media and have produced series of conceptual calligraphies, water colour –nudes, charcoal portraits, various objects, and a vast variety of oil paintings, all of which depict the subjects of my time and my personal journey. Commissions include portraits and some large murals on house fronts as well as interior decor of venues, such as discotheques and clubs. My customers have always provided me with excellent feed-back which has been encouraging.

When my journey took me to live in the Bronx during the late Seventies, Graffiti and Street – Art ignited a new inspiration and this urban melancholy has continued to be the subject of my work since I arrived in the East End of London at the onset of the new century.

I like things that are well painted and have tried to ever perfect my technique of traditional painting. Subsequently, oil on canvas or board has become my preferred medium. Ultimately, I’m trying to combine traditional painting with the vision of street in the hope that my work speaks to all generations as it is continually on the move, never rests and always changes.

My latest series, “Crunch” and “Raw” are a new and exciting amalgamation of techniques; Abstract and Hyperrealism. In the tradition of Pop Art my subjects remain real and benign. They are models of my painstaking sense of perfection.

Whilst it is inevitable that we are all political beings, I believe Art to be nostalgic, lustful, funny and essentially free from such momentary and passing notions. In fact, it is painting that keeps me steady and sane in a world that seems crazy at times. Being a visual Artist, I like to think that my works express what isn’t easily said in words.-They emerge from that pool of creativity that many of us dip into for inspiration and my ideas are endless.

There have been many awesome painters before me, there are many alongside and hopefully there will be many after I’ve gone and it is our art that will remain testimony of our time.
My works are held in Private Collections in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, UK and USA.


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Chuck Berry & Chuck Monroe after Concert at Hackney Empire - London 19/07/08


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